Skin Care & Body Treatments

Take Care of Yourself... By removing the old... and replenishing the new!

We have the ability to begin anew.  Given the opportunity, so does our skin!  It grows from the inside out with the top layer being an accumulation of the old, dead skin.  As we age and expose our skin to stressful environmental factors, such as sun, stress, smoking, and pollution, our skin's ability to renew itself begins to slow.  The following skin care services are designed to counteract these effects.

30 minute Microzone Facial - Designed for one specific skincare concern (ex: blackheads, exfoliation, or hydration)$30
30 Minute Experience Facial - A great first-time facial or for those on the go, Includes an analysis of your skin. $45
60 minute Multi-Vitamin Recovery Facial - Perfect for someone wanting to turn back time. Deep cleansing and professional exfoliation with intense antioxidant vitamin infusion.$85
60 Minute Targeted Zone Facial - Customized facial designed to meet your specific needs and skin care goals.$65
75 Minute Madison Avenue Facial - Personalized facial including a facial and neck massage, double cleanse, exfoliation, mask and hydration, along with specific skin care treatments.$75
Diamond Microdermabraion - improvement from crystal dermabrasion, uses sterile diamond heads to exfoliate top layer of skin, then vacuuming to stimulate collagen. Removes imperfections and wrinkles, Cleans pores and helps to lighten pigmentation. Best results are seen when done in a series. $75
Add ons:  

Skin Scrubber - uses ultra-sound technology causing water in product to break up any debris on skin, amplifying exfoliation and product penetration.


Hot and Cold Hammer - Hot increases circulation, absorption of product, and great relief for sinuses. Cold soothes and calms exfoliated skin and refreshes skin after extractions.


Ultrasound Therapy - increases product penetration, blood flow, and circulation; reduces inflammation; offers lifting and line softening.


Light Therapy/Photo-rejuvenation - very relaxing process that improves any number of skin conditions depending on which color LED light used; controls firmness, acne, redness, pigmentation, cell regeneration, inflammation.

Men's Grooming Facial - Exfoliation and deep pore cleansing and facial and shoulder massage, proper skin hydration and a brow grooming (if needed). $75
Back Treatment - Includes a double cleanse, deep exfoliation, massage, mask and hydration. $55
Heavenly Body Wrap - Removes toxins, improves circulation, and reduces the appearance of cellulite, Leaves skin unbelievably soft. $75

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